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despite the fact that we cannot communicate with nature with language, we can always communicate with them with our actions. it was strangely emotional to witness the plant thrive and become healthy after it had nearly died. from the artwork to the dialogue, everything about this game is flawless. thank you for making such a peaceful and emotional game! <3

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I truly enjoyed this game and everything it offered. You have created a beautiful work of art, and I’m glad I got to experience it. Here’s my gameplay video:

Unexpectedly emotional. Beautiful little game.

Aww I loved this 


I didn't know what to expect when others said they cried, but I understand now. I also cried. There was something so relieving about this game. Just observing someone's daily life through the eyes of a plant can be so calming


This was really nice, it was good for the soul

this is so cute :(

I really enjoyed this sweet little game!  It demonstrated a really thoughtful insight into people's lives, and I got to be a cute li'l plant!  Very endearing, and lovely artwork.

omg cute!! almost cried tbh (happy tears) this felt like a hug <3

Here I thought a game about the life of a house plant would be boring. I have been proven wrong.  Thank you for proving me wrong.

Short and sweet, I didn't expect to enjoy playing as a plant so much! I love how things change in the background as the story goes.


How did I miss this little gem?? This is simply precious ( T w T)/

AWWWW thanks! We put our hearts into this : ) 


Cute and simple. Nice job.


My depression has been really messing with my motivation lately. Everytime I look at the plants all over my apartment I feel guilty cause of how bad I've gotten at taking care of them. Your game made me remember how good it feels to take care of something and watch it grow. I'm gonna go give everyone a good pruning and watering :) Thank you


I cried. 10/10


I love this!  Thanks for sharing :)


Really good stuff! The art was great and the story was lovely!


this is the sweetest game... i love that you get to play from the perspective of a plant. the art style is also just so soft and lovely! i'd love to see more plants drawn like this. 


This was so wholesome! the art and the music was so great and I loved the story. I suck at taking care of my own plants but after this I'll try my best to treat them the way they deserve. Over all a very lovable game :D

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adorable game, really like the art too ゚*。(・∀・)゚*。 but at the same time is a bit sad, but that doesn't make is any less ....

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awww thanks! yeah it really has all the emotions : , ) we did our best! and yep, the art is incredible - Kayla killed it.