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You didn't want to go to the aquarium. 

You don't like aquariums. 

They freak you out.

But it's Monica's birthday, and everyone else is going, and besides - it's all in your head. 


A story about friends, enemies, acceptance, and the monsters waiting for us in the deep blue void. 


  • 15-30 minute story
  • 583 unique hand drawn sea animals
  • original soundtrack
  • sharks
  • "sharks"
  • a hyperactive zoomer
  • sparkling water (flavors: cherry, grapefruit, citrus)
  • 4 unique  f̶͙͈͕̾ǐ̸̢͉̹͇̕ʎ𝐬𝓗 𝕄𝕆几𝐬T(˥ʎ ᙠe̶͕̰̥̹̊̐m̴̭̋̽̚̚Ѳψㄣ


**Please note that this game contains the following elements**

  • psychological horror related to feelings of anxiety
  • body horror for humans and animals
  • loud noises

This game does not contain jumpscares, but does feature visuals that some players may find disturbing. 


The Team

Kayla Schroter : Illustration & Design

@robokarla : Production, Story

Axel Kazis-Taylor : Sound Design & Composition

T. Chase : Programming, Assembly

Speck : Programming


Soundtrack available HERE!

Created for the Spooktober 2nd Annual Visual Novel Jam by Devtalk+ 


Note: If you are running iOS and are experiencing problems opening game with an error related to your security settings, please see this Apple support article for a simple solution. 


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Fishy-2.0.1-pc.zip 217 MB

Development log


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I literally no joke cried a bit ngl, especially as someone with invisible illnesses that has the same feelings the mc experiences in a way (with the friends and expectations and even fears, as well as the feeling of no one seeing the world the way you do and how it just causes this domino effect on your mental health). I was completely flash banged bcus i came in thinkin I'd be jump scared or there would be gore or smth but I came out holding back tears


My heart is doing positive heart things. Thats all there is to say on this matter.


really cute game. short and sweet.

for anyone wondering, there is no jumpscares!


This was absolutely superb ;; Y'all did a great job with this story, and I was floored by how much time and polish you put into the artwork too <3


I absolutely loved it! The art style is everything and the story was cute but creepy too. I hope I can see more games like this from you in the future

A cute game about a young girl that just doesn't feel like she fits in and is terrified of the sea.  I loved the artwork and the writing was very good also.  Just some scenes could have been a bit more scary but it had that Lovecraftian vibe.  If you want to watch my playthrough with narration.

I have put it into 2 parts:


Come face to face with the fear of unknown and find a friend in the monster you ran away from.

It is interesting how this game merged the casual experience of a Birthday party at an aquarium with the fears of our main character.

You can read more about it in my review (https://gyepitypes.wordpress.com/2021/09/14/videogame-reviews-fishy/)

me and my girlfriend loved this game! so cute! thank you for bruce ;-;

only thing is, we went through the game a handful of times trying everything we could, but we still havent been able to unlock the cg between swarm and above you, around you in the gallery, what happened? ;-;

I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be the octopus. Must've been a bug.


My YouTube version doesn't have commentary or facecam or anything but I went through the story nice and slow and what a wonderful experience! I played Flourish some time ago so expectations were high and Fishy did not disappoint! Lovely art style, relatable story and the music was so good. Thank you for making this game for all of us to enjoy.

It took an unexpected and interesting turn and I really did relate to the main character and how she felt about some of those things. Felt like the ending was too good to be true unless I missed something. Either was it was a really beautiful and well-written

game. Good job!

hi, i don't do well with jumpscares, does this game have any?


It was super cute! Took me almost an hour since I was reading it out loud and reacting for a YouTube video! ♥

dude i love this game - the art style, the story - everything :D it was pretty short but oh my god it's such a good game :(


Considering how short this game is, the devs have put a lot of work and care into the amount of artwork in it - there are some effective moving scenes, and the art itself is really nice.  It was an interesting and enjoyable short story that suggests that the devs could really make something amazing if they tackled a larger project.



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hi! i'm not quite sure if this was just an installation issue on my end, but 2.0's .exe file (apparently) brought a funky trojan with it.

(certainly instilled some psychological horror within me when i found it lol)


Hello! Good news: that is a false positive. 

Here's one of the many threads regarding false positives for Ren'Py Games : https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?t=44483

Ren'Py (the engine we used to build this game) uses Python, and sometimes antivirus detectors will tag it due to the download being from an "unknown" source (aka, not from a big company, like Adobe or Microsoft). At the bottom of our page we have instructions for Mac users who experience similar problems. 

There are no easy instructions for Windows. We've tested both v1.0 and v2.0 extensively on different computers with different virus scanners and can confirm no viruses detected. Good news is that your computer is not in any danger and never was : ) We'll get to work on adding some information for other players using Windows who might experience similar issues. 

(Apologies if you're already aware of this stuff, just wanted to explain in detail in case anyone has similar issues!)

--- Would you mind letting us know what antivirus software you're using so we can test more thoroughly on it? We can try to update the game to avoid whatever is triggering that antivirus software - it can be something as small as adding a custom icon. 

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thank you so much for the clarification! :^)

this was the first time a ren'py game has ever triggered one of my antivirus software (good ol' windows security/defender, in this case) so i got real scared for a moment. i'll keep this in mind in the future!

I got this just with Windows Defender

Thanks for letting us know! We got some advice from the creator of Ren'Py about how to fix this. We're currently working on a small update that should reduce the amount of false positives - it's probably related to the custom UI we added. Sorry about that!


This game was really incredible. First of all, the art?! Absolutely gorgeous! The sound design and music were perfect for this entire game. The characters and especially the MC felt so real. I really felt the anxiety and lack of acceptance. I loved how we were able to discover things on our own and later on realize that everything is okay. This game is amazing.


Awwww, thanks so much! I sent this to our group chat - made us all smile. Axel put a lot of work into the sound design, so thanks for appreciating it! We all put our hearts into this game : ) 


Hello! I love your game <3 


WOW A LOT OF FEELINGS. the content warnings include body horror and intense depictions of anxiety. I definitely appreciated knowing there was going to be body horror going in, and the art and story were REALLY GREAT. It had a traditional art vibe and lots of spooky sea creatures. I felt the anxiety bit so hard. so hard.


This game really left an impact on me! The characters were fun, and the depictions of anxiety and paranoia really hit home to me. So, the ending had all the more effect on me, it was a very lovely story!

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So the 15-20 minute story took me a lot longer to read through haha! It was really interesting to experience this psychological approach to horror, I think you captured the feelings of anxiety and dread really well. I also appreciated the body-horror, fish monsters too! The designs were really quite bizarre (in a good, creepy way!); great visual style :) 

LOL yeah, we've had super varied times in terms of story. Reading it out loud definitely lengthens the playtime. Maybe I should bump that up to 30 minutes? I've seen people blast through in 10, so I'm trying not to overpromise. Anyway, thanks so much for doing a playthrough! We're happy that people are enjoying it! : ) 


I don't play horror games normaly (i'm a chicken), but i would love to try this one just because.... yeah, disabled characters  representation ! <3

Aww, thanks! : ) If it's any consolation, there are no jumpscares! 


i love bruce so much

this was a really well-made VN! I thoroughly enjoyed it :)


this was super fun to play!


This was such fun to play! I love (and was very unnerved by) the art, the music was perfect, and the story was touching & very cute! Great work!!


Awesome game! The horror scenes had great atmosphere and I LOVE the monster designs but I'm also really glad it had a wholesome ending for the characters.


Great game! Lovely story, endearing characters and the creepy bits felt very Lovecraft but at a kid's birthday party.


Hey! I love the game! The art is beautiful and the story is so good!!!

Thank you friend! We put a lot of love into this game, and we're super happy that people are enjoying it. <3


Hi! Just want to say that I love this game! The illustrations, animation and story are fantastic (I love the art style)! I could definitely relate to deep sea creatures being scary. Glad I'm not the only one getting spooked out by them. Keep up the amazing work!


Wow, thanks so much! The art is super good, Kayla slayed!!! And yeah, it's been fun to see different people's reactions to sea creatures. Some people were like "I love the ocean! I don't find this scary at all!" and then one streamer was like "SEA MONSTERS ARE MY ONLY FEAR" so it's been a ride! XD Thanks for playing : )